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"International Journal of Geography, Geology and Environment"

2020, Vol. 2, Issue 1, Part A

Analysis of water quality near bank of Yamuna River in Khair tahsil, Aligarh district

Author(s): Dr. Neerja Sharma

Abstract: For the development of any society the most essential requirement is the availability of clean and uncontaminated water. Water quality not only affect the human beings but also animals and crops irrigated by water. Groundwater and surface water are two main sources for the consumption in industries, irrigation, domestic work and many other purposes. But due to unfair and selfish activities of human beings, quality of both sources gets deteriorated day by day. In the present work the physico- chemical assessment of groundwater of area near Yamuna River, passing through Aligarh district, have been carried out. Water quality of Yamuna River is very poor due to direct discharge of industrial effluents, chemicals, plastic and garbage in the river. As it moves from Delhi towards Mathura district passing through Aligarh district there are chances that it affects the quality of ground water of the area situated near the riverbank. Keeping this view, the ground water samples were analyzed from different villages of Tappal block in Khair tahsil of Aligarh district. Water samples were collected from handpumps, open wells tube wells in the month of February to May. These samples were analyzed for 14 water quality parameters. The results were compared with WHO and BIS standards.

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Dr. Neerja Sharma. Analysis of water quality near bank of Yamuna River in Khair tahsil, Aligarh district. Int J Geogr Geol Environ 2020;2(1):57-60.
International Journal of Geography, Geology and Environment
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