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"International Journal of Geography, Geology and Environment"

2020, Vol. 2, Issue 2, Part B

A study of religious myths and legends of Dusadh

Author(s): Pritam Kumar

Abstract: Most of the Dusadhs, if questioned about their religion, will persistently ever that they are orthodox Hindus, and in proof of this claim will refer to the fact that they employ Brahmans and worship the regular gods. In most of the districts, indeed, degraded Kanaujia or Maithil Brahmins serve the caste as priests in a somewhat irregular and intermittent fashion, being paid in cash for specific acts of worship and for attendance at marriages. Many Dusadhs, again, belong to the Sri Narayani sect, and some follow the PANTH, or doctrine of Kabir, Tulsi Das, Gorakhnath, or Nanak. This enthusism for religion, however, like the Satnami movement among the Chamars of the central provinces, appears to be a comparatively recent development induced in the main by the desire of social advancement and existing side by side with peculiar religious observances, survivals from an earlier animistic form of belief, traces of which may perhaps be discerned in current Hindu mythology.

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Pritam Kumar. A study of religious myths and legends of Dusadh. Int J Geogr Geol Environ 2020;2(2):84-86.
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